STEM Learning with Drones at NT Schools

 In this technology era, Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education
is taking the central place around which, all the future job market will evolve. STEM is a
focused area and development of workplace skills; critical thinking, problem-solving is at the priority level nationally and globally. Australia is facing a STEM decay curve, low enrolments in a STEM indicate, there are not enough qualified STEM teachers. The low success rate in STEM areas in schools shows that traditional teaching and learning practices and pedagogies to teach STEM have failed to boost student’s interest and engage them in STEM activities.

What we’re doing?
We are using an innovative approach by using drone technology to reinforce the
fundamental STEM concepts and hands-on experience practice to ensure the deep learning, technical knowledge and skill enhancement.
We are designing and offering integrated STEM activities for students by incorporating the
Australian curriculum and the use of drone technology. We are running drone-based experiential learning sessions in
Middle and High Schools at NT to teach STEM concepts.  

Students are learning about safe drone flying at Essington Middle School
Students are learning science concepts with drones at O' Laughlin Catholic College
STEM learning with drones at Marrara Christian College
Physics in operation with drones: a session with Darwin High School students